White Collar Crimes

Colorado White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyers

White collar crimes, defined as non-violent crimes that are committed to unlawfully obtain money from another party, can come with serious, life-long penalties that can not only result in prison sentences but that can also endure even when the court-ordered punishments have been completed; such lasting effects of white collar crime convictions typically come in the form of damage to one’s reputation and social standing, a permanent criminal record and possibly even damage to one’s family.

Whether the accused is an individual or a business facing white collar crime charges and regardless of whether the accused has a criminal record, the Denver white collar crimes defense attorneys at the Adams Law Firm want the accused to know that:

  • We are fully committed to the ideal that our Clients are innocent until proven guilty.
  • We are here to fiercely defend the rights of those accused of white collar crimes.
  • Our legal professionals have vast legal knowledge and litigating experience, which allows them to consistently provide our Clients with top-notch defense representation.
  • We will work tirelessly to help our Clients get the charges against them reduced or, if possible, dropped entirely.
  • Our ultimate goal is to help our Clients resolve their cases as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Denver White Collar Crimes Defense Attorneys – Practice Areas

Among the types of white collar criminal charges that our skilled Denver defense lawyers are experienced in defending include (but are not limited to) those involving:

For our Clients facing any of these white collar crimes charges, our trusted defense attorneys will immediately begin investigating the facts of the case in order to start building our Clients a formidable defense. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may be able to argue that police illegally searched and seized the alleged evidence, the defendant was set up or otherwise falsely accused of the offense and/or law enforcement officials illegally entrapped the accused during the course of the investigation.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any white collar crime, make sure you have the strongest possible defense, and contact our Denver white collar crimes defense attorneys by emailing us or calling us at (720) 333-9490.