Denver Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Charges associated with violent crimes can be as complex as the laws that govern them, especially when considering the age of the alleged victim(s), prior convictions the accused may have, whether charges are filed at the federal level, and whether multiple felony charges have been filed. In many cases, those accused of violent crimes will immediately start being penalized, as they can be denied bail, which means that they will have to stay in jail until their case is resolved with the court system. What can be just as ruinous is the fact that, should a person be convicted a violent crime, the penalties can wreck life-long damage to a person’s future; in the worst cases, violent crime convictions can result in lifetime prison sentences or even the death penalty.

At the Adams Law Firm, our Denver violent crimes defense attorneys are extremely experienced at aggressively defending the rights of those accused of violent crimes, including (but not limited to):

From the arraignment through the trial process, our skilled Denver violent crimes defense lawyers will provide our Clients with the strongest possible defense case, regardless of whether they have a criminal record or are facing multiple charges of violent crimes. We will fiercely argue against the prosecution’s claims and will work relentlessly to help our Clients resolve their cases as beneficially and efficiently as possible.

Violent Crimes Defense Cases

When it comes to building and presenting a formidable defense for our Clients, the Denver violent crimes defense attorneys at the Adams Law Firm will:

  • Assess whether provocation or some other type of aggression sparked the incident
  • Comprehensively review police reports and procedures to determine whether proper legal procedures were followed during the arrest and investigation (including whether Miranda rights were read to the accused, how searches of the victims’ property was conducted, how the evidence was collected, etc.)
  • Re-interview witnesses to decipher whether false allegations have been made

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