Solicitation of a Minor Charges

Charges of solicitation of a minor are filed when someone is accused of trying to lure a person younger than 18 years old into engaging in sexual activity; even if the alleged victim is a police officer posing as a minor, these charges can be filed against anyone who is suspected of intending to lure a minor. When solicitation of a minor charges are filed, they can be not only extremely damaging to a person’s reputation and career, but they can also seriously jeopardize the freedom and future of the accused, as convictions can result in jail time and possibly having to register as a sex offender (depending on the circumstances of the case).

The Denver sex crimes defense lawyers at the Adams Law Firm strongly encouraged those charged with solicitation of a minor to work with us for the best chances of resolving their cases as favorably as possible. While our discreet and compassionate legal professionals are highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of Colorado criminal and sex crimes laws, we are also:

  • Dedicated to fiercely defending the rights of the accused
  • Committed to the ideal that the accused are innocent until proven guilty
  • Skilled at going up against prosecutors in any legal setting – from arraignment through the trial process – to help achieve the best possible outcomes to our Clients’ cases.

Denver Solicitation of a Minor Defense Lawyers

According to Colorado sex crimes laws, mistaking the age of the individual allegedly being solicited is not a valid defense for solicitation of a minor charges; this means that the accused cannot claim that the alleged victim looked older or told the accused that (s)he was older than 18. As such, this means that, in order to build a strong defense against solicitation of a minor charges, the accused should work with the Denver sex crimes defense attorneys at the Adams Law Firm. Some of the defense strategies we have successfully used for past Clients have included:

  • Mistaken identity (i.e., the defendant was not, in fact, the person who performed the act of solicitation)
  • False accusations being alleged by the so-called victim
  • Misunderstandings or a miscommunication between the alleged victim and the accused.

If you or a loved one has been accused of solicitation of a minor in Denver, contact our Denver solicitation of a minor defense attorneys to ensure that you have the strongest possible defense case. For more information about your legal rights, as well as a professional assessment of your case, email us or call us at (720) 333-9490.