Denver Property Crimes Defense Lawyers

The severity of property crime charges and the penalties associated with these convictions will depend on the amount of property allegedly taken or destroyed, as well as whether the accused has a criminal record, whether an illegal weapon was used during the incident, whether trespassing was involved with the incident and whether another person was injured or killed during the alleged criminal act. In the worst cases, property crime charges will involve felony charges filed at the federal level; if convictions are issued in such instances, the accused can be forced to serve long prison sentences and pay expensive fines, among having to serve other penalties, if convicted. What can be just as bad is that, even when a person has completed all of his court-ordered penalties, he may still be forced to suffer from other, lasting punishments, including having a permanent criminal record, losing his career and reputation and/or damaging his family.

With so much on the line in the event that property crime charges are filed, it’s vital that the accused work with the trusted Denver property crimes attorneys at the Adams Law Firm. While we can help the accused mount the strongest possible defense case at every stage of the criminal justice process, our Denver property crimes defense lawyers can also try to help our Clients:

  • Get some or most of the evidence against them thrown out of court.
  • Get the charges against them reduced or, when possible, dismissed altogether.
  • Resolve their cases as favorably as possible so they can focus on moving on with their lives.

Denver Property Crimes Defense Attorneys – Practice Areas

For years, our Denver property crimes defense lawyers have been building strong defense cases for those charged with a wide range of property crimes, including (but not limited to) those involving:

Whether the accused individual is a minor, has a criminal record or has been accused of a property crime for the first time, the Denver property crimes defense lawyers at the Adams Law Firm can guarantee that we will provide each of our Clients with top-of-the-line legal representation from start to completion of their cases. If you or a loved one has been charged with any property crime, make sure you have the strongest possible defense, and contact our Denver property crimes defense attorneys by emailing us or calling us at (720) 333-9490.