DUI and DMV Penalties in Colorado

After a DUI arrest, the accused may be reeling from their recent jail experience, as well as the overwhelming considerations of what to do next, what will happen if they are convicted, etc. However, in these daunting circumstances, it’s important for those accused of a DUI to try to keep a clear frame of mind and to act fast to secure the services of the Denver DUI defense lawyers at the Adam Law Firm because:

  • The accused will have to mount two separate DUI defense cases – one in the criminal justice system of the courts and the other with the administrative system of the DMV.
  • Our Denver DUI defense lawyers can work fast to build you the strongest possible defense case to minimize the chances of conviction and/or possible DUI and DMV penalties.

The passionate Denver DUI defense attorneys at the Adams Law Firm are skilled at representing our Clients’ rights in both the courts and the DMV hearings. We are dedicated to the notion that our Clients are innocent until proven guilty, and we will put 110 percent of our attention into helping our Clients secure the best possible resolutions to their cases.

DMV Hearings and Penalties

While the court process following a DUI arrest can take weeks or months to get started and resolve, the DMV hearing process is much faster, as the accused only has 7 days following their arrest to request a DMV hearing. During a DMV hearing, our Denver DUI defense lawyers can argue to preserve our Clients’ driving privileges. However, the DMV can refuse and issue a license suspension if:

  • The accused does not request a DMV hearing withing 7 days of the arrest.
  • The accused refused to submit to a blood or chemical test if police officers requested one.
  • The accused holds a commercial driver’s license.
  • Someone was injured or killed or there are other facts in the case that cause the DMV to rule against the accused.

Should the DMV mandate a license suspension, the accused will have to wait out the term of the suspension, after which they can re-apply for a driver’s license by showing proof of car insurance and paying some DMV administrative fees. If, however, the accused lives out of state and received a DUI in Colorado, he will have to deal with the administrative processes in his home state.

Because so many of use rely on our driving privileges to get around in our daily lives, if you are accused of DUI, it is essential you secure the services of our Denver DUI defense lawyers for optimal chances of retaining your driving privileges and limiting other possible DUI penalties. For more information about your legal rights, as well as a professional assessment of your case, email us or call us at (720) 333-9490.