Denver Child Abuse Defense Lawyers

Good parents can be accused of child abuse and face severe consequences – even jail time and loss of custody over their children – due to false allegations and even simple misunderstandings. For example, while a parent could face child abuse charges if (s)he is accused of driving while under the influence while his or her child is in the vehicle, (s)he could also be accused of child abuse if (s)he is alleged to have been in possession of drugs in the presence of his or her children. In some cases, good parents may be wrongfully accused of child abuse by a soon-to-be ex-partner or spouse who is trying to gain the upper hand in a divorce or a child custody case. 

At the Adams Law Firm, our experienced Denver child abuse defense lawyers: 

  • Understand how serious child abuse accusations are
  • Are fully committed to defending the rights of the accused
  • Have experience getting to the bottom of false accusations and/or the misunderstandings that can lead to child abuse charges
  • Will work tirelessly to help our Clients mount a formidable defense that will be essential to helping them achieve the best possible resolution to their cases. 

Defense against Child Abuse Accusations

While our esteemed attorneys will tailor each child abuse defense case to the specifics of an individual Client’s case, in general, some of the ways in which we can help defend our Clients against child abuse allegations include by: 

  • Thoroughly reviewing police reports for any inconsistencies
  • Securing character witnesses and, if necessary, expert witnesses to testify on behalf of our Clients
  • Looking into the background of the prosecutions’ witnesses to see if they have a history of making false allegations in order to further their own agendas
  • Carefully analyzing all physical evidence in the case to pinpoint problems with the prosecution’s arguments. 

Some of the specific ways in which we help our Clients accused of child abuse include by: 

  • Assisting them in social services investigations
  • Defending their rights to maintain custody of their children
  • Aggressively defending their rights in court
  • Doing everything in our power to help them avoid jail time and/or the potential loss of their parental rights. 

If you have been accused of child abuse or any type of domestic violence allegation, contact the trusted Denver child abuse defense lawyers at the Adams Law Firm. For years, we have been fiercely defending the rights of the accused, and we are dedicated to helping our Clients build the strongest possible defense in order to help them resolve their cases as advantageously as possible. To set up a free initial consult and learn more about your legal rights, call us at (720) 333-9490.