Expungements or Sealings

Simply being arrested for a crime – even if charges are not filed against you – can cause you to have a criminal record that future employers or lenders will see when they run a background check on you. However, in some cases, working with an experienced defense attorney can help you to get these records expunged or sealed, which means that:

  • The records are no longer available in state or federal repositories.
  • The records can only be viewed by judges or law enforcement officials.
  • The person for whom the records were expunged can act as though the event never happened (as opposed to a pardon, in which a person is granted clemency for an event that did happen).

At the Adams Law Firm, our Colorado expungement lawyers have years of experience in handling these cases, and we have a proven track record of success in helping our Clients effectively get their prior criminal records sealed. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of Colorado criminal law, our criminal defense lawyers thoroughly understand the intricacies associated with the process of securing an expungment, which allows us to effectively and quickly secure them so that our Clients can focus on a future that is free from association with any criminal behavior.

Who Qualifies for Expungements?

Not everyone can have their criminal records expunged, and certain criminal convictions – such as those involving violent crimes or sex crimes – will stay on a person’s record for life. However, the circumstances in which a person may appeal to have his record expunged include those in which:

  • The charges against the individual were dropped.
  • The accused individual was fully acquitted of the charges.
  • All court-ordered deferment or diversion programs were completed by the individual seeking expungment.
  • There has been no further legal action – i.e., other criminal charges – taken against the individual after the initial arrest or filing of charges to be expunged from his record.

Additionally, while many juvenile crimes can be sealed or expunged from a person’s record, cases involving juvenile convictions of aggravated crimes can not be expunged.

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