Firm Overview

The Adams Law Firm is a criminal and DUI defense law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation for individuals across Colorado. While some firms will mass produce legal solutions, attorney Jared Adams will take the time to understand the unique details of every case and tailor a solution to fit each client’s individual needs.

The investigation and prosecution of DUI cases involves many different scientific and officer administered tests to determine intoxication. Although these tests seem accurate, there are many opportunities for error on the part of law enforcement. DUI attorney Jared Adams is well versed in the science behind blood alcohol tests, toxicology tests, and the investigative methods used by officers to determine intoxication. We have the knowledge and experience to find any investigatory mistakes and utilize them to protect your freedom and rights.

Putting up a strong DUI defense isn’t free, but it is far more affordable than dealing with the long term consequences, like the fines, classes, and potentially the loss of your job and income. Contact The Adams Law Firm today and receive the guidance and defense you need to move past this trying time in your life.