Failure to Register As a Sex Offender Charges in CO (Part 1)

Failure to register charges can be filed against convicted sex offenders who violate any of the rules for registering as sex offenders in Colorado.

Failure to register charges can be filed against convicted sex offenders who violate any of the rules for registering as sex offenders in Colorado.

When a person is convicted of a sex crime, in many cases, part of the terms of his sentence will require him to register as a sex offender with the Colorado sex offender registry for some specific period of time. While some people may intentionally choose to violate this term of their sentence and, consequently, be hit with “failure to register” criminal charges, in other cases, people may slapped with these charges for mistakenly or unintentionally failing to abide by the very strict rules associated with registering as a sex offender.

Rules for Registering As a Sex Offender in Colorado 

In order to know when “failure to register” criminal charges can be filed, it’s first important to know what the specific rules for registration are. According to the Colorado sex offender registry website, individuals who are ordered by the courts to register as sex offenders in the state MUST:

  • Register with the law enforcement agency (e.g., the police department, sheriff’s office, etc.) that has jurisdiction over the community in which the individual lives, works and/or attends school
  • Reregister with the appropriate law enforcement agency whenever he moves and sets up a new residence within Colorado within 5 business days of establishing the new residence
  • Provide, upon registration:
    • His full and proper name
    • Any and all aliases that he is known (or has been known) by
    • His address
    • His fingerprints
    • His birthdate
    • A list of the crimes for which he has been convicted
    • In some cases, a current photograph (depending on the specific agency).

This is not a complete list of the necessary requirements for registering as a sex offender in Colorado; therefore, individuals who are required to register should make sure that they are fully aware of (and comply with) all of the requirements in order to avoid being charged with “failure to register.”

Check out our forthcoming second part of this blog for some specific examples of when failure to register charges may be filed, as well as some of the penalties that can be enforced if a person is convicted of failing to register as a sex offender in Colorado.

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