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Call (720) 333-9490 or email us to speak with a trusted Denver defense lawyer who can provide you with a professional, thorough evaluation of your case, along with experienced advice regarding the best manner in which to move forward in your defense.

Our skilled legal professionals have a proven track record of successfully defending those accused of various misdemeanor and felony charges – even those filed at the federal court level. Among our practice areas are:

Defending the Rights of the Accused

As part of our comprehensive legal defense services, our esteemed legal professionals can aggressively defending the rights of the accused during the arraignment and bail hearing through the trial process. Depending on the charges filed and the criminal record of the accused, our Denver criminal defense attorneys may do any combination of the following in an effort to build our Clients the strongest possible defense case:

  • Scrutinize police reports and procedures – If law enforcement officials have not followed necessary legalities, the charges against the accused can be reduced or possibly dropped entirely.
  • Re-interview witnesses and re-analyze all evidence – Here we will check to see if any false accusations have been made and/or a misunderstanding of the facts has occurred.
  • Find expert witnesses to testify for the defense – Oftentimes, different experts can have different opinions about the facts of the case; to ensure our Clients have the strongest possible defense, we can find experts who may be able to testify on behalf of the defense.
  • Prepare the accused to testify in court – We can help ensure that the accused, should they choose to testify in their own defense, make the best possible impression on the jurors and that they are prepared to answer any questions the prosecutors may have regarding weakness in their defense.

At the Adams Law Firm, we believe that our Clients are innocent until proven guilty, and our Denver defense lawyers will work relentlessly to try to help our Clients achieve the best possible outcomes to their cases. For more information about your legal rights, call (720) 333-9490 or email us.