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DUI Lawyer’s in Denver, Colorado, provides aggressive representation for individuals facing criminal charges related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Drunk Driving, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Colorado DMV Hearings, and Vehicular Assault Cases in the City and County of Denver, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Adams County, Jefferson County, and across Colorado’s Front Range.

DUI Attorneys have dedicated their career to fighting for the rights and freedoms of Coloradans charged with alcohol related driving offenses. DUI Attorney’s  defend people charged with: Driving Under the influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Driving Under the Influence of Drugs(DUID), Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana (DUI Marijuana), Driving Under the Influence of prescription drugs, vehicular assault, vehicular manslaughter, child abuse resulting from DUI, Colorado DMV Hearings, Reckless Driving, and Careless Driving. In every case,DUI Attorney’s’ top priority is to obtain the best possible result for every client.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, an alcohol related driving offense in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Brighton, or anywhere in the Denver-Metro area, visit the What to do First and DUI Overview sections of this website, then seriously consider hiring a dedicated DUI defense attorney to fight for you. Even a first DUI conviction can have lasting consequences on your professional and personal life. A knowledgeable and aggressive DUI lawyer can help protect your rights and your freedom.

Our DUI Attorneys have represented hundreds of individuals throughout the Denver-Metro area and across Colorado’s Front Range. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, our DUI Attorney’s knowledge, passion, and personalized approach will help you find the resolutions you desire.


Aggressive Colorado DUI Defense

Once you retain DUI Attorneys, we will begin investigating all of the facts and circumstances of your case. This includes visiting the scene of the accident and/or arrest, interviewing witnesses, and working to obtain and preserve any video evidence in your case. In addition, if you agreed to take a breath test, we will request all maintenance records and performance logs for the machine used in your case in order to determine if the machine was working properly. If you agreed to a blood test, we will obtain laboratory records and print outs including chromatograms to ensure that the testing was performed properly and the results were interpreted correctly.

Defending a DUI case in Colorado is complicated and requires great skill and training. The investigation and prosecution of DUI cases involves many different scientific and officer administered tests. Denver our DUI Attorneys are well versed in these tests and the laws that govern their admissibility in court. As a member of the National College for DUI Defense, our DUI Attorney’s regularly attends DUI defense training seminars across the country in order to stay up to date on the latest developments in drunk driving defense.

Act Fast After Your Arrest

If you have been arrested for DUI in Colorado, you may have only seven days to protect your driver’s license. If you submitted to a breath test, or refused to take a test, then you must request a hearing at the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles. If you fail to request this hearing then your license will be automatically revoked for at least nine months.

Furthermore, it is important that you retain an attorney early on in your case in order to begin investigating the charges and collecting evidence that may prove your innocence. In many cases, there may be video evidence from the police station or jail where you took your breath test. However, these videos may not be preserved for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important to act quickly so that this evidence will be available  in your case.

The Penalties for a DUI Arrest in Colorado are Serious

In recent years, there has been a tendency for people to downplay the severity of DUI convictions, primarily because the increase in DUI arrests has led people to view these cases as routine. This is not the right attitude to take; a DUI conviction has numerous long lasting consequences that could have negative effects on your life for the foreseeable future. These consequences include: up to one year in jail, fines, alcohol classes, community service, probation, and monitored sobriety. In addition, a DUI arrest may lead to the revocation of your driver’s license for nine months or more. These negative effects make it imperative to hire a qualified DUI or DWI attorney as soon as possible following your arrest.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Our DUI Attorneys have a history of successfully defending Denver area residents and out of state drivers accused of DUI, DWAI, and other crimes. These successes include having cases dismissed by the district attorney, receiving verdicts of not guilty at jury trials, reciving not guilty verdicts at trials to the court, having DUI and DWAI cases reduced to traffic offenses, and having of license revocation actions at the DMV dismissed. Although every case is different and not every case goes to trial, our DUI Attorney’s’ number one priority for every client is to obtain the best outcome.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

In addition to DUI cases, our Attorneys represents individuals charged in domestic violence, felony, and misdemeanor cases. The Attorneys Law Firm can provide you with personalized and dedicated representation to help resolve your situation. Our Attorney’s understand that no two legal situations are exactly the same — your case is unique to you. With that in mind, he will work diligently to carefully examine your situation before offering the advice you need to make educated decisions about how to deal with your specific issues.

Some of the specific practice areas in which our Attorneys specializes in defending the rights of the accused include (but are not limited to) those associated with:

 Our Attorneys also have a proven track record of successfully defending charges at the federal and state level for a wide range of possible charges and circumstances, including for those who have been charged with multiple crimes and/or have a criminal record.

Contact DUI Attorneys for the Personal Attention You Deserve

Our Attorneys firmly believes that knowledge is power and always strives to provide you with as much information regarding your options as possible. After all, you will ultimately determine the course of his representation by the decisions you make. With so much riding on a successful resolution to your legal situation, you need to know that your lawyer will do whatever it takes to help you achieve the best possible results to your case.

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